Maybe you experienced something that feels so painful you can’t imagine to talk about it?

Are you scared, no one will listen?
Are you scared, no one will believe you?
Are you scared, someone will blame you?

Can you not imagine that someone from your family or your inner circles experienced a form of sexualised violence?

Are you scared of truth?
Are you scared to reflect on your own behaviour?
Are you scared to have crossed someones personal boundaries?

Fear Makes No Noise

That’s why we want to be quiet and listen, collect, share and re-think. Turn loud together.
Tell stories, choosing our own languages.
We try to give the seemingly incomprehensible shape.
We try to see, listen and commiserate.

r*pe-myths. Protecting the wrong ones, transfiguring them into heroes.
Victim-myths. Paralyzing and restraining us.

Fairy tales
Lying stories. Which veil the violent reality.
Protecting images. Which make it easier for to us endure the truth.

Nightmares. Which we can stand.
Utopias. Which are worth picturing, formulating.

The big, bad wolf and the loving and protecting wolf.
The lonely wolf and the wolf pack.

A loud, powerful howling.


08.10.16 // Mensch Meier, Berlin // 14:00

Sexualised violence is a complex and sensitive topic. We want to approach it together on the 8th of October in the venue Mensch Meier (Berlin).

We want to create a forum, to share stories, to listen, to be self-effective, to exchange ideas and think.

We want to offer a platform for the individual and creative processes of people affected by sexual assault and invite others to listen.

We hope to push forward a dispute about this topic, which goes further than this event.

We invite everyone, who feels addressed: People affected by sexualised violence and sexual assault, people, who don’t accept sexualised violence any more, everyone interested – everyone is invited as long as all of us meet each other with respect and thoughtfulness.

We want to remind you that although we make a lot of precautions to enable a safe and sensitive handling with this topic, the topic of sexualised violence remains unpredictable for some people. We kindly ask you when you come to the event on the 8th of October not to overestimate yourself, that you come prepared, eventually bring a confidant person and to respect your own boundaries.

Theory & Practice


A stage, light, quiet. An empty space which wants to be filled. Attention for stories, which are otherwise silenced. Turn everything upside down and let things come to the surface, for which is no space “outside”.

“Outside”, where the ones who are the loudest and claim the most space are right. Where being loud is predetermined. How loud can you be when nobodys listening?

If you are silent, soft murmurs rise to noise. Noise, which was always there.


3-5 pm  Courage and fury

a reading stage about sexualized violence without explicit descriptions.

with and by

The Irksome Institute
read the f.a.q

5-6 pm open stage

you can read your own texts or someone else will read them out loud

you can come and improvise

you can present your text, you made before in the creative writing workshop

you can show us your art

and we will listen to you!

one rule: Please describe the content you will present before you do so. We need you to give us content notes, so some people who don’t wan’t to see or listen to a specific aspect will be able to leave the room! cheers!


More than words


Kurzfilm – deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln – zeigt sexualisierte Gewalt

Eine junge Frau studiert Gesang. Ein Dozent. Die Haare glatt gebügelt. Mitternacht und Alltag. Von Franziska Schiedung.

Second Closet

Kurzfilm – italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln – zeigt häusliche Gewalt, Sex, Nacktheit

Ein Kurzfilm über häusliche Gewalt in einer lesbischen Beziehung. Von Sara Luraschi & Stefania Minghini Azzarello.


Eine Haut, ein Fell. Fragile Hülle. Grenze und Tor zwischen dem Innen und dem Außen. Annehmen und Abwehren, lass es durch deine Poren fließen. Manchmal entscheidest du, manchmal wird für dich entschieden. Du hast einen Boden unter den Füßen und einen Himmel über dem Kopf. Und du dazwischen? Winde wehen.

Eine Tanzperformance mit Velia Hahnemann

Skin – Häutung

Performance mit Alba-Sophia & Sarah, Musik von Mauro
Zeigt Nacktheit



Between Lichtenberg and Prenzlauer Berg, you can find the Mensch Meier at Storkower Straße 121, 10407 Berlin. For orientation, click here.

S-Bahn Ring: Landsberger Allee

Tram M10: Kniproderstraße / Danziger Straße                                                  Tram 5,6,8: Landsberger Allee

Bus 156/200: Kniproderstraße / Storkower Straße


A pricey entrance should not restrain anyone from coming to our forum. But as we finance our forum by donations, we suggest you to donate between 3 and 10 Euros.  As you can stay afterwards for our festival, we wish that you consider this when you come to us. All money collected will re-finance our outgoings and go to counseling centres.

Forum 14:00-22:00: Donation 3-10 Euro.

From 22:00 on: Entrance 10 Euro


Warm and delicious food! Vegan and for a small amount of money.

Soon more.

Barriers & Co

Accessibility: You can reach the venue by bus and train. As well as by car, bike or feet.

Spatial barriers: The Mensch Meier is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible toilet. By bad weather it is possible that the cinema is not accessible by wheelchair. But all of the movies are available online as well.

There is no blind control system. We can not guarantee that there will be no loud or shrill noises.

Children: You can come with kids. But we don’t offer a child-care. And we see all responsibility within the companion of the kids.

Smoking: Depending on hour and place it is possible that people smoke. We want you to be farsighted and kind to each other.  Ask around before you bother someone.

Languages: Please check the program for languages. We try to have some whispered-translations. You can help us out, if you want to.


With one click you will be forwarded to the following pages:

Pandoras Network

Fear Makes No Noise – Forum

Fear Makes No Noise – Festival

Creative Space

Visit us soon – Our translation is still in progress.


Visit us soon – our program is still in progress.




SCHREIBWORKSHOP – von Betroffenen für Betroffene sexualisierter Gewalt

Der Workshop soll einen kleinen Einblick in die vielseitigen Möglichkeiten des Schreibens bieten, als Kraftquelle, Technik zur Entspannung, Verarbeitungsmöglichkeit oder einfach nur zum lustigen Zeitvertreib.



Mit Ideen aus der Kampfkunst üben wir Entspannung, Gleichgewicht, Blick, Wahrnehmung, Präsenz.


ANDERE BILDER|EIGENE BILDER – Gesprächsrunde & Austausch – Tauwetter e.v.

Wir möchten darüber reden, welche Bilder von männlichen* Betroffenen von sexualisierter Gewalt in den Imagefilmen sichtbar werden, die für die Beratungsstelle Tauwetter entwickelt wurden


ANZEIGEN ODER NICHT ? – Input zur Rechtslage im Sexualstrafrecht – Ronska Grimm

Nach jahrelangen Forderungen hat der Bundestag endlich die Reform des Sexualstrafrechtes in Richtung „nein heißt nein“ verabschiedet. Das klingt gut, aber was genau ändert sich dadurch?



Wie will ich feiern? Was ist mir bei einer Party wichtig? Was brauche ich, um mich wohl zu fühlen? Wir werden und diesen Fragen stellen und gemeinsam eine Methode entwickeln, mit der wir während der Party die Auseinandersetzung mit diesen Themen fördern wollen.





MUT&WUT LESEBÜHNE – the irksome Institut: & read the FAQ

Eine Lesebühne zu sexualisierter Gewalt ohne explizite_graphische Beschreibungen von sexualisierter Gewalt



Mit der Möglichkeit anonym Texte vorlesen zu lassen



Geisterstunde |deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln|zeigt sexualisierte Gewalt

Eine junge Frau studiert Gesang. Ein Dozent. Die Haare glatt gebügelt. Mitternacht und Alltag. Von Franziska Schiedung.

Second Closet|italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln|zeigt häusliche Gewalt, Sex, Nacktheit

Ein Kurzfilm über häusliche Gewalt in einer Beziehung von Sara Luraschi & Stefania Minghini Azzarello.


MEMBRANE – Tanzperformance
mit Velia Hahnemann


Wiederhohlung Geisterstunde & Second Closet


SKIN|HÄUTUNG – Performance
mit Alba-Sophia & Sarah|zeigt Nacktheit



Le_Go & Jennifer Gegenläufer setzen den Startschuss!


08.10.16 // Mensch Meier, Berlin // 23:00

Soli for Pandora’s Network. Our Forum will be funded by our party – if you would like to support us, we are glad to see many of you.

The topic sexualised violence is horrible and difficult, but we won’t let it be taken from us to turn loud together and celebrate. We will let the day reverberate and won’t be alone.

A loud, powerful howling.


Jennifer Gegenläufer & Le_Go

Line Up


With a lot of attention to detail!

….those little things makes live so sweet!


Party, dance, have fun – we celebrate a feast! During our party all personal boundaries shall be perceived and respected. Think ahead! Don’t think it’s OK! We all want to celebrate and no one of us wants to be stared at or be pushed to dance. It is annoying!

Assault, discriminatory or aggressive behaviour are not going to be tolerated and are leading to the expulsion of our party.

It’s really nice to meet interesting people and to get to know each other, but don’t think everything is based on mutual consent. Your personal boundaries might not be the personal boundaries of others – and vice-versa. Don’t think your personal boundaries are the benchmark for interactions. Sadly a lot of people still have to understand this. Please be careful, honest and gentle to each other!

Be aware of yourself and of others. Have fun! If you notice a situation which seems odd, please tell someone or get some help.

If you experience a crossing of your personal boundaries or if you think you saw one, we have supporters at the party. Our team will be there all the time, if you have questions or if you need an intervention or our support.


We want to remind you that although we make a lot of precautions to enable a safe and sensitive handling with this topic, the topic of sexualised violence remains unpredictable for some people. As we take us time and space to deal with this topic during our forum & festival we’ll make ourselves vulnerable. We kindly ask you when you come to the event on the 8th of October not to overestimate yourself, that you come prepared, eventually bring a confidant person and to respect your own boundaries.

For our forum and festival we managed to conceptualise our ideas on how to prepare and engage an interaction with the topic which is sensitive and accessible.

With this concept we do not want to propagate constant danger, neither we want to down play factual threats or to push responsibility towards individuals or support teams. We all are part of the forum and all of us contribute in different ways. We reject so called “static victim roles”, which also means we turn against stigmatization and stereotypes and likewise wish this from our visitors. Please have in mind that we don’t wish to have pictures or videos taken during our event, we want to promote the privacy and safety of our visitors.

We want to take care of each other on of ourselves; the ways and means which we can offer as a structure are explained in the following.

Self Care

As a person who had to experience sexualised violence as well as a person who didn’t we kindly remind you to take care of yourself. Probably you are the one who knows better than others, where your personal boundaries are. Which aspects of sexualised violence and how many of them cause you trouble. Which specific pictures and words have an effect on you.

Please think what you can handle on this day, which part of the program interests you the most or which part could harm you. Consider to bring someone out of your peer-group, one of your close friends to support you.

Think about where your own personal boundaries are.

Please have in mind that some people on this day might not be that sensitive and aware as you would wish.

All different kinds of feelings and expression have space at our event; sadness, madness, rage, laughter. We would like to see that our visitors don’t leave the place because they are too stressed or sad, or feel like leaving is the only option. Get in touch with our support team, if you think or feel that you could need support in some way.

Space Concept

On the 8th of October there will be a space to retreat; in this space we will not show art or content of the topic of sexualised violence. It’s a place to relax and breathe. Please have in mind not to talk that loudly so that everyone else in the room has to follow your conversation about sexualised violence.

There also will be a place where you can get support at any time, you can go there on your own or you can call our supporters by phone (At the event the phone number will be available at the entrance, toilets and be displayed at other places.). This space is there to press pause of the surroundings and to figure out what you need or how we can support you.

All the other places will be filled with program please take a look at our notices at the doors and our program once you arrived.


We are looking forward to a sensitive and powerful exchange during the forum and to a lovely celebration during the night. We assume that all of you are respectful and sensitive human beings who look forward to meet each other with respect. We do not want visitors to cause (additional) badly feelings by behaving disrespectful or harming.

While we discuss, talk or interchange experiences we want everyone to argue in a respectful manner, to focus on understanding each other and not to ‘win a discussion’, and to stay within the frames of the topic. In discussions there is no place for polemics or personal insults, to express anger there are different ways.

If someone does not want to talk with you, you have to accept this as well as when someone does not want your help or to have a drink with you. Personal boundaries are not for debate. It is always possible to say sorry and to give the opposite some space. We want to remind you that we have a collective responsibility to shape the forum & festival.

Furthermore we want to you anonymize when you give account of the stories, experiences etc. of other people, if not told otherwise. That’s because not all of us want their lifes to be discussed outside the forum. That’s also why we don’t want you to take pictures.



We have been thinking a lot about how we could support our visitors in difficult situations.

Our supporters are there for you, if you need a short break or if you want to talk about what to do next, or if you want to discuss your possibilities.

Our supporters are there for you, if you have reached your personal boundaries, if someone crossed your personal boundaries or if you need help. If a contribution of the forum, e.g. a picture or a phrase, overstrains you, you can come to our supporters and we will figure out together how we can support you. You find us at the marked space or you can call our supporters and they will come to you (for example, to the toilets..).

How our support will look like is up to you, you decide. Talking, silence or distraction. You can decide how we can support you. All information given to us will be handled confidential.

We will try to be there for everyone, who needs support. But we also have to observe our own boundaries.  We also have point out, that our empathy is shaped through our individual social position and our experience and knowledge is limited. Most of us do not work in counselling or therapy.

House Rules

We are aware of our responsibility for the safety of our visitors. We take this very seriously. Respect before all personal boundaries is one of our primary requests. If there are any situations in which you need help, tell it to someone – a person you trust, the person next to you, to the people at the entrance, bar and so on. You can reach us at the marked place or when you call us. The phone number will be present in the rooms and also given out at the entrance, we will reach out to you, if you wish so.

Mensch Meier has the house right, which means: if you don’t respect the personal boundaries of other people, you got to go!

Content Warning

We try to enable you to deal in a sensitive way with the contributions of our forum (workshops, talks, stories, movies.. ), that’s why we will use content warnings.

We know that so called trigger-warnings are discussed a lot lately, but we see them as a chance to enable people to come to our forum. Based on our content-warnings our visitors can decide with what kind of aspect they are going to deal. We don’t know which contents provoke what kind of reactions, that’s why our content warnings are our attempt to inform you, which aspects of sexualised violence are going to be discussed, so you decide whether you deal with them or not.