Rape Culture – Introduction of social dealings in terms of sexualised violence and the term of rape culture

Sadly the talk had to be canceled!

The term “Rape Culture” describes a society in which sexual violence happens often and is largely tolerated and belittled. This talk aims to explain and answer questions like: What does “rape culture” mean? How does such a society look like?
It is common misconception that rape is solely an individualized crime, affecting only the two (or more) person involved in it. My talk is about sheding a light on the broader cultural dimensions of sexual violence.


Short biography: Malaika Bunzenthal. University student majoring in sociology and political science, activist, speaker, writer. Topics my activism focuses on include intersectionality, feminism, rape culture and sexual violence, antiracism, mental health issues in the context of society, treatment, stigma and ableism.
Blog: Malifuror.blog-space.eu (Blogposts are in German)
Twitter: @Mali_2 (I tweet both in German and in English