Reclaim the party – visible solidarity.

How do I want to party? What is important for me when I go out? What do I need to feel well at a party? We want to explore these questions together and develop ways that support us in bringing these questions actively into the party and to raise people’s awareness about them. Party is a discursive space which is shaped by all of us. We’ll try to encourage visibility and trust and to cast light into tabooed corners and thereby enhance any possibility for collective ecstasy!


Time: 21:15-23:00

Language: German, if needed the whole workshop can be hold in german and english.

Who is this presentation made for? All genders welcome!

Are there any content -or trigger- warnings? Our workshop is very playful and fun oriented due to the party context. The aim of the WS is to enable visibility and empowerment and thereby preventing assaults rather than to initiate a deep exchange over experiences, which we believe is very difficult in a context where people are on drugs. We can offer such an exchange outside the WS for people who are interested in a deeper discussion of the topic/ personal experience.

Any preparation for the presentation? There will be a practical part of the Workshop during the party. Taking part in the Workshop means you want to stay for the party.

Short biography: We are a group of people who are individually and collectively engaged in projects against sexual violence / sexism in the Berlin club scene. For four years, we’ve been trying to raise awareness through versatile approaches and to change the parties and their spaces to prevent assaults and to make a more mindful party culture possible. Furthermore, we want to encourage a general debate about gender relations in the Berlin club culture. Together with everyone interested, we want to develop new ways and means and already live today the diverse, mindful and empowering scene which we aspire with our work.