Writing Workshop made by and for survivors of sexualized violence

In our workshop we want to present and try some writing methods (for example methods of creative writing.)

We want to give you a glimpse of how many possibilities writing can offer you, as a source of energy and strenght, as a technique to relax, as a way to work with what you experienced or just as a funny way to spend your freetime.
There is also the possibiliy to come together and share ideas about how to create a regular writing-group and discuss an already existing concept, take it with you if you want and maybe start something new.


Time: 14:45

Language:  We are able to do the workshop in english and german. Which language you use in your text is up to you, obviously.

Who is this workshop made for? For survivors of sexualized violence.

Contentwarnings:  none.

How can I prepare? What should I bring with me?

Bring the motivation to write somehing (if you want to)
We try to organize enough sheets of paper and pens, but if you have an prefered tool for writing (Laptop, favourite pen, etc.) bring it with you.

short biography:

Lisa – Survivor and activist. Working in a feminist youth center for girls. Queerfeminist. Bad at selfdescription.

Denes – Activist, Survivor of sexualized violence, Employee of Tauwetter, contact point for men*, who had to endure sexualized violence during their childhood or youth (www.tauwetter.de)