Perception and Presence

Breathe quietly. Stay calm. Remain with the opposite in contact.

Be present and thus have all options open.

With ideas out of material arts we try out relaxation, balance, views, perceptions and presence.


Time:  16:45

Language: The workshop language will be german, it is possible to ask in spanish, anyways it’s possible to take part without a common language.

Which physical ability is necessary to participate at the workshop? No special abilities necessary.

Who is this workshop made for? Trans*Inter*Women*Lesbians

Are there any content -or trigger- warnings? No content-warnings: There will be no role-plays or (threatening) situations re-enacted.

Any preparation for the workshop?  Please bring comfortable clothes and flat shoes/sneakers.

Short biography: Fabian_FuFu Gerlach works a lot with martial arts, for a couple of years now he focuses on Taijiquan and style-across trainings.

On a regular basis he teaches martial arts at Seitenwechsel e.V. and in Taiji-contexts.