Who we are

A network under construction
As single people, who experienced sexualised violence directly or indirectly, we came together. While exchanging and talking about the topic we discovered our need to create something. We want to bundle up our experiences, stories, skills and energy to reconsider the topic of sexualised violence.

That’s why we are building a structure and are cooperating as a network with counselling centres, self-organized groups and individuals.

Furthermore we work on focusing discriminations and not to reproduce them. We work selforganized but bring in all our skills and capacities.
Our prelude as a network will be the event “Fear Makes No Noise”.


In Greek mythology, Pandora is made on command of godfather Zeus, the patriarch, as first woman of human kind. She is the gifted and talented one.

Zeus gives her the box of Pandora and orders her to give it as a present to the people and never open it. Who finally opened the box is not clear – but once opened all vice and evil leak from the box. So this makes Pandora the one, who brought evil over the world. At the bottom of the box there lays hope, but before it was able to emanate, the box was closed again. The responsibility and debt to have brought vice over the world was given solemnly to Pandora. The roles of the patriarch and the other gods remained unseen. We cannot longer accept a one-sided story like this.

Based on the myth of Pandora we no longer want to close our eyes to the fact that the box of Pandora was opened long time ago. Pandora was blamed, vice and evil are all over the world – but we want to take a closer look, we look until we can see hope beneath the vices. Together we want so to speak to re-open the box of Pandora and let the hope emanate into the world and create something new.